About Us

We exist to help ambitious businesses grow digital revenue internationally with strategic digital media campaigns.

Pride: Our names on the front, we’re incredibly proud to work for each of our clients and we want the team to feel this pride in working for Farrer and for the projects they’re working on.

Purpose: Pride falls into purpose, working with brands who have a clear purpose but also feeling value in the work you’re doing partnering with brands who share our values.

Growth: A path to grow both the clients you work on and your own career are two things that are built into regular catch ups with the team at Farrer.




Meet The

Jack & Ollie, both brothers are from sales backgrounds rather than agency. They’ve built Farrer from scratch, both being business orientated & entrepreneurial they take a genuine interest in a brand's inner workings and only wish to partner with innovative brands who share their ambition.

The stacked logo represents them as the foundations but they only build upwards and the team represents this.

As founding brothers we communicate as brothers do, open, honest and straight to the point.

We Deliver Results

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Farrer Digital

10 York Road

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We aim to provide our clients with the highest ROI possible with intelligent & cost effective digital marketing solutions.