Bennett Winch

The Challenge

Scale Bennett Winch’s media spend towards new audiences worldwide whilst keeping the focus on luxury segments to maintain advertising return.

The Plan

Build a number of personas that covers all corners of Bennett Winch’s target buyer base, taking them through a creative funnel that is geographically tailored to seasonality.

The Outcome

Growth in paid social spend by over 3x with advertising return growing from 200% to over 650%.

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Spend Grew


Bennett Winch’s singular focus is to create the products you need but can't find. Not driven by seasonal trends or fashion and inspired instead by objects of soul and purpose, they believe true quality is timeless; if you buy well, you need only buy once. We are therefore looking with paid media campaigns to identify a discerning buyer who will invest in quality, and this was achieved through structured audience testing and carefully considered geographical tailored creative.

Return On Ad
Spend Grew From

x2 To x6.5

As a luxury mens bag brand Bennett Winch don’t compromise on quality and offer a lifetime guarantee to customers. Their products are of high quality and carry pricepoint to suit. therefore a considered purchase for most. This means that with a specific audience pool scaling media spend can often result in pushing spend towards people who are too aspirational resulting in a drop off in return on ad spend.