Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

The Challenge

During the lockdown, like many others, BSO was compelled to shut its doors, leading to significant disruptions and financial implications due to the loss of ticket sales for live shows.

The Plan

This presented a unique opportunity as events were being live-streamed, providing BSO with the chance to reach a national and eventually international audience. To achieve this, Farrer developed location-specific campaigns, utilising specific ad copy to reflect each region.

The Outcome

Over the course of a year, the Google Ad Grant drove over 10,000 new visitors to the BSO website. The location-specific campaigns facilitated the collection of valuable data, enabling BSO to identify the geographical distribution of their new audience and unlocking new opportunities as a result.

Group 3501

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your help and hard work on the BSO account. I'm really pleased at how it is running, especially with the uplift from the new website, and hope that it will continue to strengthen over the coming months.

Digital Marketing Officer

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The Google Grant drives


of overall website visitors

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, an English orchestra located in the South West of England, relies heavily on ticket sales and membership to generate revenue. The Google Ad Grant has enabled BSO to reach a significantly broader audience, expanding their reach beyond their traditional base.