Cad & The dandy

The Challenge

As a leading tailor on Savile Row, Cad & The Dandy aimed to scale their appointment numbers via paid media channels.

The Plan

Look for the next generation of tailoring customers by profiling a range of personas on Facebook Ads and capture in-market browsers via Google and Bing advertising.

The Outcome

Between 15-25% of appointments referred by paid media channels. The scale was subject to seasonality.

Group 3501

As one of Savile Row’s leading tailors we knew we needed to innovate and stay ahead of competitors digitally. Farrer have worked with us over 4 years and have successfully lead our campaigns across multiple digital channels. Farrer have a good understanding of our product and business goals and have taken us into new digital territory with success, achieving over a 320% return last year.



estimated return
on media spend.

Once the booking software had been successfully tested for transparent tracking generating a return was the next challenge. The strategy included rigorous testing on social media with audiences and content, as well as continuous evolution of the website experience to boost conversion rate. This resulted in a consistent and scalable return from both the Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms.


appointments referred
from paid media

The challenge for savile row is the reliance on the corporate customer whilst the workplace dress code relaxes. Cad & The Dandy offer a range of more casual styles and pride themselves on providing an accommodating and un-intimidating atmosphere for customers. This provided a perfect platform for paid media as we targeted the wealthy casual social media user or first time customer on Google Ads.