The Challenge

Use paid media channels to accelerate Castore’s brand growth in the UK and develop customer acquisition in the US and Australia. Capitalise on strategic partnerships worldwide to maximise their impact.

The Plan

Quickly scale spend on paid social and launch paid search to deliver consistent exposure to key audiences with top quality content and dynamic messaging to drive high traffic levels to the website.

The Outcome

Overall return from advertising spend grew by x4 whilst spend grew by x10 including successful launches of paid search and marketing in Aus and the US.

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Farrer have been a great partner for our business. Jack and his team are incredibly responsive and go above and beyond to deliver a high quality, on-demand service. They have helped us generate a multi-channel strategy that gave us confidence to grow our digital spend and drive increased demand. Farrer have beaten every target we have set - leaving us up 50% in revenue YOY with our advertising return growing from x2.2 to x8.5. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Farrer to any brand or business looking to grow their digital revenue.

Mark Errington
Head of Digital, Castore

Spend Grew


Castore had ambitious plans to establish themselves as a leading sportswear brand and needed marketing efforts to reflect that. We quickly established a strategy that was able to connect with increased audience sizes on a monthly basis whilst delivering growing ROI.

As well as scaling UK facing activity we have launched new activity in the US and AUS presenting different challenges with brand presence low and different competitors in the market. In these territories the purchase behaviour for Activewear and Athleisure didn’t mirror the UK.

Return On Ad
Spend Grew From

2.2 To 8.5

Whilst scaling activity fast was the goal, we inherited an advertising return which was not profitable. We rebuilt the paid social campaign structure and implemented a creative funnel which delivered high quality content, adapted to connect with key audiences throughout the funnel and across channels to deliver results.

Our media plan was designed to align with organic marketing activity whilst giving Castore an edge over its competition with detailed market analysis and a responsive campaign structure.