Catherine Tough

The Challenge

Catherine Tough were at the start of their advertising journey and had ambitious plans to grow their already loyal customer base. Customer acquisition was the key goal with the challenge set for the marketing to pay for itself.

The Plan

Develop a multi-channel paid media strategy that can scale from its own success. We used customer data that existed already and weighted budget against seasonality to develop a paid social strategy that converted low hanging fruit. Secondly we activated paid search to convert potential customers in the market.

The Outcome

X4 growth in media spend funded by it’s own results from paid search & paid social channels. This has resulted in paid media revenue growing by +157%, and then by +168% in consecutive years.

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I have only good things to say about our experience, working with the wonderful team at Farrer.

Professional, courteous and accomModating at every turn. Exceptional at finding opportunities. Quick to fix problems. And the results?

We broke even within our agreed 3-month trial period. Since then, ALL our digital budget has come from sales. Today, our budget is 5x what it was when we started, less than two years ago. It’s still paying for itself. We’re so happy; we now plan to conquer the world.

If you’re looking to set-up a perpetual marketing machine that pays for itself…speak to Farrer Digital. Do it now. Before you forget.

Director, Catherine Tough


In Media

Catherine Tough had ambitious plans to grow their customer base and growth was going to be funded by the success of paid media. We took a steady approach to this and ensured spend was weighted to key sale periods of the year.

Paid Media
Growing By


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In Consecutive

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