Customer review mining

We all know that using customer reviews and testimonials is a popular resource when building creative and helps to boost conversion rates. We at Farrer have been including testimonials in ad creative for our clients across the board. When people see positive feedback from satisfied customers it instills confidence and authenticity, and it makes the content feel more relatable and genuine.

These emotional connections are powerful in advertising, especially when aiming to build trust. But what we’re really keen to explore is the next step beyond using testimonials solely to enhance ad creative.

Let’s take a deeper look into how we can best use an existing bank of customer feedback to fully maximize the potential and explore the benefits of taking words directly from the customers’ mouth. A small amount of digging will help us to stay more informed and ultimately create better ads.

When a customer leaves a detailed review, they are giving us different bits of information, all of which are highly valuable. For example, they might be telling us about their ‘Pain Point’ – a reason that they are in need of our product or service, a problem that they need solving. This could be something along the lines of ‘I’ve been having trouble with incredibly dry skin and nothing seems to work’ or ‘It’s incredibly difficult to find fun activities to do as a family at the weekend, and I need to get the children out of the house!’ These pain points help us identify exactly what has helped to persuade this customer over the line and how this purchase has been able to help them.

We can use the information that the customer is giving us here to help instruct the creative strategy that we want to explore. For example, if you’re selling an under-eye cream, is the pain point that the customer is having trouble with ‘dark circles’, ‘puffy under eyes’, or ‘tired-looking eyes’? Customer reviews will help give us this information, which can not only be used for creative but also to help shape strategy, keywords, and much more. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

We can take a look at reviews across multiple platforms, including organic comments, to help us get a consensus of what exactly it is that the customers are saying. This information can be fed into AI to help filter out the ‘pain points’ or any common negative feedback, such as ‘too expensive’, to help inform us of the general consensus among consumers so that we can adjust the messaging to best fit their needs.

Perhaps the most important thing that we are looking for when scanning reviews are the Golden Nuggets. These are the reviews that include messages which are really special. They won’t be too long and wordy, and not too bland. These nuggets are the snippets that we really want to include in our ad creative. The creative on the left is a great example, it is short, snappy, and a perfect summary of exactly what we are promoting, in the consumer’s very own words.

The Golden Nuggets make an incredibly powerful contribution to ad creative, but the other 90% of your reviews are still a really useful tool too. We want to take a close look at anything that is popping up across the board. Are there any common themes or patterns among all the reviews? You might find one particular factor that all consumers are mentioning, such as ‘I love how the activity is Dog-Friendly.’ This information will help advise exactly what it is about your product or service that customers love the most, and we can hone in on that with the creative strategy.

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