Fair Ways

The Challenge

Fair Ways operate in an extremely competitive Google search market for foster service terms. They had encountered challenges in utilising the Google Ad Grant to generate clicks and effectively allocate the available budget.

The Plan

By working with Fairwats to generate more website content, Farrer developed a more comprehensive ad strategy, enabling them to uncover deeper keyword opportunities. To achieve their objectives, Farrer implemented a bid strategy aimed at appearing more frequently above the $2 click limit, while also introducing additional goals to enhance their overall performance.

The Outcome

Fair Ways increased their monthly spend to over $5k, resulting in a significant boost in website submissions, accounting for 57% of the total submissions received. This progress is clearly demonstrated in a detailed report that highlights keyword and campaign data.


of all foster carer form submissions driven via Google

Fair Ways cares for over 700 children and young people each year. Onboarding new foster carers is a vital cog in the success of Fair Ways as a charity. Google Ads provided new monthly form completions bringing in prospective new foster carers who entered the Fairways database.