How to Make Ads that Convert – Part 1

Welcome to our mini series on how to put together the best concepts for ads to be sure that your creative is really doing the work for you, and you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

We’ll be going over the 10 different types of creative that we would recommend testing out for every client, each giving a unique angle and different ways of structuring the creative in order to achieve the key objective, which in the case of this series, is conversions.

1. Features Point Out

This type of ad is useful to highlight the main features of our product or service, and we get to showcase them as the Unique Selling Points in clearly structured bullet points surrounding the image.

We get to show off all the things that make this product special and educate our audience about the product and how it can benefit them at the same time.

This format works really nicely as a simple still image and can look very eye-catching. A touch of simple animation can elevate the creative and take it to the next level, but on the whole this piece should be punchy and clean.

2. Statistic Based


With this type of creative we let the numbers do all the talking and the hard work for us.

Including an exciting stat about the effectiveness of the product, the results it is able to generate, and the happiness of the customer is going to generate trust in the product, which is more than half the battle here.

Once the consumers see the numbers we’ve done the job of catching their attention and provoking intrigue, which is more than likely going to encourage a click and some research into what you are and what the brand is about.

3. Press Screen Shot


Including references to any articles, publications or testimonials from well known tabloids is a surefire way of cementing brand authenticity.

This can be as simple as including a logo or testimonial across an image, or you can go the full way and featuring an entire screenshot from the actual article. It’s also entirely possible to do both and piece together a snippet of the review, perhaps just the headline and logo, positioned next to your brand imagery.

Without stating the obvious, this only works if the article or testimonial does exist, we can’t fabricate them.

We’ll be back soon with the next instalment of this series! In the meantime get in touch if you want to discuss your creative strategy and see how we can help you elevate your campaigns.

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