How to Make Ads that Convert – Part 2

4. Problem Solution

This style of ad format is hugely successful for certain types of product. We’ve seen it work incredibly well for our clients and generate some of the most successful conversion rates. 


These ads work well in single image form, but ideally a video would be used to effectively demonstrate the entirety of the problem the customer may be experiencing right at the start, and then going into detail about exactly how we are here to solve that for them with our product or service. 


This example comes from Clothes Doctor and their moth repellant range, a clear and obvious problem, people hate moths ruining their clothes!

5. Tiktok response

This format is based upon the pretext of answering a customer question which is featured in the text bubble from a previous TikTok post. 

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This is a great opportunity to speak directly to the target audience and discuss key USPs that they may already be asking about. 

It provides a platform for an informal discussion to take place, which is ideal for TikTok and will blend right into the feed without being immediately obvious as an ad placement. 

6. List

This type of creative starts off with an introduction at the beginning outlining a list of points that you’re going to cover. This can be as simple as “5 reasons you should buy our product”, or perhaps a more organic led intro could be something along the lines of “Six steps to achieving flawless skin.” This introduction poses the content as an informative, informal discussion with clear and easy bite sized bits of information.


The ad will then go on to cover a list of features or steps, usually in a video format. This is a great opportunity to sell your USPs in an approachable way, without coming over too ‘salesy’.

Stay tuned for our final instalment with the last remaining 4 types of creative we would reccommend testing with any new client.

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