London Sock Company

The Challenge

Scale London Sock Company’s sales numbers via profitable paid media channels.

The Plan

Enter the PPC arena to edge market share from successful competitors. A reactive and exploratory strategy was required to establish PPC strengths to deliver the target returns.

The Outcome

Between 15-25% of appointments referred by paid media channels. The scale was subject to seasonality.

Group 3501

When we first started working with Farrer Digital, we had only just begun our PPC journey. They quickly helped establish and grow our PPC channel into one of our biggest revenue streams, seeing repeated annual growth of 3X and strong ROAS of 300%. They have added great value to our business.

Co Founder,



Annual Business Growth

London Sock Company entered the sock market with all the ingredients required for success. A great product, a brilliant customer experience and fantastic content. Now they needed to accelerate their sales and launched Google Ads with us. Performance delivered results from the beginning and whilst maintaining required returns, repeated investment in the channel contributed towards significant business growth year on year.


ROAS from

Whilst the focus was on growth, the challenge was to maintain advertising returns whilst we continued to enter new territory. Over a 3 year period 300% was maintained with seasonal peaks around the Christmas period.