The Challenge

Marie-Chantal create beautifully made children clothes at a considered purchase price point. They struggled to reach their target audience via search & social and weren’t achieving scalable results.

The Plan

Work with Marie-Chantal to clearly establish who the digital customer is and where they shop using demographic data to create specific personas to geo-target specific locations whilst building a creative funnel to keep their target audience engaged for longer.

The Outcome

Activated a paid media strategy across Pinterest, Instagram and Google resulting in a 3x ROAS achieving a scalable acquisition.

Group 3501

Without a clear paid media direction we needed an agency at Marie-Chantal that would help us establish a firm structure within the paid digital area and execute the wider business' strategy through those important channels.

Farrer came onboard and worked hard with the team to achieve this and help drive our revenue whilst clearly understanding our brand, product, and digital goals. They successfully grew our digital revenue by 130% and increased our ROAS by 70% year on year. Also, they are a great team of people in general and were one of the meetings we'd always look forward to, especially in lockdown!

Alex Harley,
Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Manager

ROAS boosted


Marie-Chantal were at a stage where their marketing didn’t reflect their growth ambitions. Activations across Pinterest and Google, tied with a rethink on Instagram advertising helped significantly scale media spend whilst delivering a boost in ROAS of 70%.

Revenue increased


Year on Year.

Harnessing the success of core products and a more strategic approach to seasonality helped Marie-Chantal move away from a reliance on discounting. This contributed to both increased sales numbers as well as a healthier margin.