New Client – jump accounting

We at Farrer are delighted to now be working with the team at Jump Accounting who have partnered with us to develop a lead generation strategy through paid media channels. This plays well into our experience and we’re incredibly excited by the growth opportunities this project presents.

Jump have a well converting website but have recently struggled to achieve their lead generation targets in-house. They reached out to agencies for a solution, and we were delighted to have been the chosen agency. We’re working with them to introduce an account rebuild and AI led strategy.

The first stage of this project is to use Google Ads to convert in-market audiences seeking accounting solutions. PPC advertising is a highly effective tool for lead generation and is especially useful for professional service industries. Whether you offer consulting, legal services, financial planning, or any other professional service, PPC can be effectively utilised for lead generation.

In highly competitive industries, organic search rankings may be challenging to achieve. PPC enables businesses to compete directly with larger competitors and secure valuable ad placements. Even if a user doesn’t click on the ad, the exposure helps to build brand awareness and recognition over time.

The key to achieving a scalable cost per lead from PPC lie with understanding the product’s key audience in order to guide strategic decisions that will cut out wasted spend. Keywords, demographics, interests, and geographic locations as good example of this, precision targeting ensures that the ads are shown to a relevant audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting quality leads.

PPC platforms provide detailed data and analytics, allowing us to measure the performance and instruct optimisations to ad copy, keywords, and targeting, resulting in improved ROI.

PPC provides the option to implement remarketing campaigns, which target users who have previously visited the website but didn’t convert. This increases the chances of re-engaging potential clients and converting them into leads.

Overall, we are excited to be a part of this journey and look forward to progressing through the gears with lead generation and introducing new platforms such as LinkedIn, Meta, YouTube and others. 

Please contact our team if you would like to discuss how we could help you with developing your lead generation strategy.

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