The Caffeine Effect

We all need a good kick of coffee in the mornings, but did you know that it has an effect on more than just our energy levels? There is some evidence to suggest that caffeine may actually have an effect on shopping behaviour.

When you drink coffee your body releases dopamine which creates excitement and increases impulsivity. As a result you are more willing to take risks, and the chances of making an impulse purchase are increased.

Research has found that individuals who consumed caffeine before shopping were more likely to make unplanned purchases than those who did not, and individuals who consumed caffeine were more likely to choose items that were visually attention-grabbing, even if those items were not necessarily the best value.

Of course, we should note that other factors such as store layout, product placement, and marketing strategies are likely to have a much larger impact on shopping behaviour, there are still ways in which we can use this to our advantage.

Offering free tea and coffee in luxury stores isn’t out of the norm, but what about in the digital world?

You could look to target caffeine consumers who are likely to consume caffeine before shopping, such as early morning or afternoon shoppers, by tailoring marketing messages and advertising efforts to appeal to this group, and using attention-grabbing creative and messaging to appeal to their increase in focus.

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