Tone of Voice in 2023

Our tone of voice in marketing will vary greatly from one brand to another, depending on the desired effect and target audience. Do we want to create a calm space of serenity, speak with an assertive authority, or create hype in a disruptive manner? As a whole, the general aim is to find the right balance in alignment with the target audience and desired outcome.

The tone we are using should communicate the core values that we are trying to get across in a way that resonates with the audience’s needs, as well as establishing trust and credibility. Overall, the goal of a marketing tone of voice is to build a relationship with the audience and encourage them to take a desired action.

However, as things are constantly evolving it is important to tailor the approach to help make sure that the messaging we are putting out will resonate within the constantly evolving digital space.

In 2023 we are now in the midst of a cost of living crisis, people and brands alike are struggling. Amidst all of this, it is still possible to stand out and gain the trust of new customers. Consumers are looking for authenticity, it is possible for them to be won over by the right message delivered in the right way.

Tapping in to the mood of the nation is key to creating content that the audience can relate to. Genuine, heartfelt content is needed, with careful consideration to avoid falling blunder to messaging that doesn’t quite land right. An attempt to make light of the current financial climate for example, in the hopes of creating a humorous effect, could end up creating controversy and backlash. A smarter approach is to adjust the messaging in line with the overarching mood of the audience, to tap into and understand the feelings of the people we aim to target.

Consumers are still spending, despite tighter purse-strings, people are looking for something to make them feel better and work as a distraction to the current climate. Hit them with the feels, whether that be excitement and fun, a feeling of pampering and indulgence, or promoting a sense of wellbeing, the approach holds the key to delivering a successful story.

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